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location services




Acro Film Services provides a range of professional location services, catered individually to your specific needs.


From simple location research through to full location management, our professional service is complemented by our:


  • comprehensive knowledge of local area, people, places, climate, traffic conditions, etc.


  • years of experience in liasing with local landowners, police, estate management personnel and craftsmen working within the area


  • locality to all services and personnel

  • Location Agreements with landowners, estate managers


  • Permits and arrangement for location use


  • Liason with landowners and estate management


  • Consultancy service


  • Unit sign placement

  • intimate and detailed local knowledge of possible locations, logistic information regarding locations and considerable experience working in local environment


  • an existing personal relationship with local personnel, including landowners, etc.


  • thorough knowledge of process of stills, commercials and features production


  • extensive experience and knowledge of the film/tv production processes

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  • Liason with police for road closures


  • Location movement orders


  • Scouting and information services


  • Liason with transport and service providers


  • Casting, craftsperson, tradesperson and local services located and employed